• Love them!

    Love these changing pad liners! Everyone warns you about baby boys peeing while you change them but let me tell you--little baby girls can do it too! I think they also get a kick out of surprising you with some poop just as you pull that diaper away :) And of course there's the occasional spit up. With all of that--I am so grateful we have these liners! They are SUPER soft and very absorbent. We've had all of the above mentioned experiences and the liners have survived them all. Other pros we like are that they stay in place very well on the changing pad and cover almost the entire pad. Our baby girl was pretty small, so I know we'll be able to use these for a long time with her! The bamboo material is so perfect--with baby skin being so soft and sensitive I really wanted something that wouldn't be too harsh on baby's skin while changing and that's definitely what this pad has! So far we haven't had any issues when washing and no stains.
    Overall, we are SO happy we bought these liners and definitely recommend them!

    Nelly Ordered Our Bamboo Changing Pad Liners

  • These are fantastic! They are soft and look great on the crib.

    These are fantastic! They are soft and look great on the crib. My littles still spit up a decent amount and I hate taking the sheets on and off all the time to wash. These tie onto the crib rails and are simple to get on and off. They save me from having to change the sheets all the time! I got two for each crib so I have a clean one when I throw the dirty one in the washer!

    Natalie Ordered Our Crib Bamboo Sheet Saver

  • I am very glad I have two

    I ordered two of these by mistake, but never returned one. I am very glad I have two! I switch them out all the time, while the other is in the wash. This is a great mattress cover for the halo bassinet. It's soft, and waterproof, and it does not stain!! It's easy to clean, and I have air-dried as well as dried on low in the machine. It was held up very well; I would highly recommend it.

    I.A.Taflan Ordered Our Bamboo Mattress Pad Cover For Hourglass Shape Bassinet Mattress

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